Sitecore is the world leader in client experience management. It combines Web content management with real-time intelligence at every point of contact in an automated, intuitive and adaptable platform. Gartner says it is the most innovative Microsoft-based content management solution. Absolunet is a Sitecore Gold Partner.

Sitecore expertise

More than 20 successful
Sitecore projects

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A Sitecore Gold Partner

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Sitecore Benefits

  • Personalize the customer experience like never before by implementing advanced personalization strategies and innovative engagement marketing tactics. Sitecore is a fully integrated CMS and marketing automation platform.
  • Take full control of your digital platform with a plethora of built-in options, including digital marketing and next-level statistics.
  • Identify potential customers and implement high-performance strategies that will convert them into clients.

Sitecore Features

  • Real-time user profiling and personalized user experience
  • Multi-site and multi-language support keeps all content one a singe platform
  • Content delivery according to omnichannel strategy
  • Social media integration: customers can easily share their favorites
  • Scalable .NET platform
  • High-performing, robust and secure centralized architecture.
  • Marketing automation features geared toward customer interaction
  • Complete analytic data allows global, persona- and user-based analysis
  • Cloning and syndication features ensure proper management of repetitive content over multiple languages
  • Workflow management: easily create tailored workflows to answer complex governance issues for large or global companies.
  • Form management makes it easy to collect data and create forms
  • Advanced and intuitive CMS functionalities