Magento’s Commerce Order Management simplifies omnichannel commerce management. This scalable, cloud-based solution distributes and optimizes order allocation, supports your sales force and provides business intelligence and insight.

Benefits of Magento’s Commerce Order Management

  • Offer more products online: showcase inventory from all your outlets instead of having separate inventory for online sales.
  • Ship from any and all of your outlets to minimize shipping delays.
  • Offer “in-store pick-up” option to your clients
  • Reduce order splitting and optimize order allocation, thus reducing your shipping expenses.
  • Introduce drop shipping and automate order management with your suppliers, simplifying logistics.
  • Improve visitor satisfaction by providing a continuous shopping experience across all your channels.
  • Grow revenue with the “in-store pick-up” approach; at the store level, customers will frequently purchase additional products.
  • Speed up inventory turnover thanks to improved conversion rates.
  • Turn lower shipping costs and times into a competitive advantage.

Magento Commerce Order Management Features

  • Order planning and optimized order allocation
  • Simplified in-store order processing interfaces
  • Order allocation within supply chain: drop shipping, distribution centres and external partners
  • Advanced reporting functions
  • Payment processing, sales-tax management and fraud prevention (separate module)
  • Magento Point-of-Service provides mobile POS solution to manage customer experience (complementary solution)