Insite Commerce is a scalable eCommerce platform dedicated to business-to-business (B2B) which is nevertheless strong enough to extend the experience to B2C. Designed for enterprise-level needs, Insite Commerce covers the entire spectrum of standard eCommerce features while adding several features that apply exclusively to B2B activities.

The Benefits of Using Insite Commerce

  • Boost your B2B sales with the .NET-based eCommerce solution developed specifically for distributors and manufacturers who want to stand out.
  • Reduce operating costs and reduce potential errors promoting the use of self-serve features.
  • Seamlessly merge your traditional operations with your online presence, increasing brand impressions and improving overall customer experience.
  • Create unique online experiences with customized content that adapts to each user.
  • Attract new customers with a range of value-added services.
  • Create engagement and loyalty among your B2B customers

Insite Commerce Features

  • Scalable .NET platform, which is also modular and extensible.
  • Easy PIM integration thanks to InRiver Connector
  • Clients can create multiple accounts from their master account
  • Clients can assign tasks and budgets to their buyers
  • Shipping address management
  • Advanced (and elaborate) price grids
  • Product lists (monthly purchases, for example) can be created and managed directly by clients
  • Express Orders
  • Search by SKU
  • Complete Client List for Each Representative
  • Representative Accounts With Individual Dashboards, quote requests and current proposals.
  • Price Request Feature and Integrated Workflow
  • Configurator for Complex Products
  • Pricing configuration
  • Billing and Credit Limits for Each Client
  • Assign Products to Clients
  • Advanced and Intuitive CMW features
  • Persona-based Content Customization