ATTRAQT is an advanced merchandising and evolved search management platform that enables your site to adapt to shopper behaviour in real-time, which has a huge impact on conversion rates and the average shopping cart value. Merchants can now merchandize online virtually the same way they would in store. Absolunet is an ATTRAQT partner. ATTRAQT is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The Benefits of Implementing ATTRAQT

  • Increase conversion rates significantly thanks to a more personalized and dynamic overall customer experience.
  • Increase the average shopping cart value with real-time automated upsell, cross-sell and related items management.
  • Make your online merchandizing more dynamic and keep shoppers engaged.
  • Get the right products in front of the right shoppers and increase conversion rates.
  • Improve product search and make results more relevant. Shoppers who find what they are looking for have a higher tendency to purchase.
  • Personalize every single visit on your website and make every experience unique.

ATTRAQT Features

  • Unique Balance Factor technology sorts products according to virtually any relevant category-based measurement (price, margin, popularity, inventory, etc.)
  • Personalised rule-sets and triggers, ensuring only the most relevant content is delivered to each user, increasing conversion rates and average order values.
  • Advanced Merchandising
  • High-performance search function designed specifically for eCommerce
  • Advanced auto-correct (spellcheck)
  • Auto-completion
  • Search management console to adjust search settings
  • SEO-optimized URLs
  • Shape Search Results for Better Merchandizing
  • Real-time triggers and recommendations to improve upsell, cross-sell and related items sales opportunities