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PIM is one of the most strategic eCommerce/digital decisions you will make. Here is how it will impact your organization and how we can help.

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 “The real benefit of centralizing product content is how it increases capacity across our other systems.”

Phil Foisy, Solution Architect


PIM is the Heart of eCommerce and an Omnichannel Accelerator

Your ERP was never meant to centralize, manage and syndicate product information across channels.

Product Content Priorities

Use product content as a competitive advantage by reducing time to market, increasing consistency across channels and reducing errors/duplicates.


Develop a clearly defined data model and marketing model for your product content while simplifying product ownership.


Reduce duplicates, asynchronous data and uncertainty by having a single source of truth for product data.


Raise the standard by defining completion rules and expectations for all product content, current and future.


Improve conversion rates, supply chain ROI and digital ROI as you optimize your greatest digital asset; product content.

PIM Integration Experience

Absolunet has a proven track record of successful PIM integrations across eCommerce platforms, ERP systems and more. 

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PIM Integration Experience

Absolunet has a proven track record of successful PIM integrations across eCommerce platforms, ERP systems and more. 

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Merchandize Across Channels +Platforms
 To convert, Product Content/Information/Experiences MUST be consistent across channels
  • Cross-sell + Upsell
  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • Attributes
  • Sizes/measurements
  • Shopable Lookbooks
  • Fitment specs
  • Keywords
  • Brand attributes
  • Marketing copy
  • Ingredients/composition
  • Shipping dimension/specs
  • Size guide and compatibility
  • SKUs/number/model/ISBN/etc


Exclusive Framework:
The 10 Pillars of PIM Transformation

Absolunet’s proven global framework addresses people, process, systems and data.

 “The transition to PIM has fast-forwarded our digital maturity, though we had no idea it would impact so many people internally. Absolunet’s change management and gradual rollout was a game changer.”

Chief Operations Officer, Fortune 500 Apparel Brand & Retailer
(who we are not authorized to name)

Absolunet’s exclusive framework covers roadmaps, governance, change management, ownership and execution.

For those in early-stage digital transformation

Absolunet’s 10 Pillars of PIM Transformation framework helps you plan and manage your transformation for success, including being ready for the next steps in your digital evolution.

For digitally-mature organizations

A key part of any brand, distributor or retailer’s digital evolution, the PIM transformation will help improve time to market by creating a centralized source of truth. Whether your focus is people, process or systems, the IT, ownership, governance and operational implications are addressed within the 10 Pillars framework.


inRiver PIM Accelerator:
Absolunet’s AMI Module

Accelerate PIM deployment and adoption with our proven PIM accelerator module.

The AMI Accelerator fast-forwards implementation, deployment and operationalization
Magento, SalesForce Commerce Cloud and Insite Connectors

AMI saves hundreds of hours and weeks of integration with pre-developed connectors to Magento, SFCC (formerly Demandware) and Insite Commerce

AMI’s proven connectors and deployment framework also extend inRiver’s capabilities and reduce errors.

Marketing Model and Data Model Synchronizer

AMI’s marketing model synchronizer makes it possible to create uniform models in seconds instead of days, combining your unique requirements with industry/channel standards and proven formulas. 

Think of AMI as giving your teams a pre-configured spreadsheet instead of a blank one.

Absolunet’s PIM Depth and Scale, Packaged

Of our 24 development and execution teams, 6 are dedicated to PIM projects – all of whom leverage and perpetually improve, update and optimize the AMI module, which is used for every PIM transformation.

The case For PIM
How IT, marketing and customers benefit from centralized product information management
  • Consistent product AND brand experience across channels
  • Reduced uncertainty
  • Better search + find (size guide and compatibility, SKUs, number, model, ISBN, etc) 


Marketing/Product Mgmt
  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Reduced dependance on IT
  • Single source of truth for product content
  • Clear ownership of product content 
IT Department
  • Reduce pressure from marketing requests.
  • Focus on core IT issues
  • Protect ERP instead of over-extend it
  • Syndication tools 


The Absolunet Difference

Because Partner Selection is as Important as Platform Selection.

inRiver Expertise

Logo inRiver

Possibly the most scalable PIM and product content management system for enterprise customers. Absolunet has been inRiver’s North American partner of the year for the past 4 years

A diagram demonstrating how inRiver PIM works.
Six Degrees of PIM Mastery
The business case for choosing Absolunet as a PIM transformation partner
Enterprise Expertise

Absolunet’s PIM Transformation framework, connectors and modules adapt to management styles and organizational context, whether you are in an early-stage digital transformation, or within a digitally-mature organization.

Project Governance Framework

The 10 Pillars of PIM Transformation framework is adapted to every PIM project to ensure that governance, deployment and adoption are successful. 

Accelerator: The AMI Module

Exclusive PIMops deployment framework that fast-forwards integration, customization and marketing model creation. Marketing friendly, IT approved. 

Experience: 30+ Implementations

Our PIM Transformation team has helped some of America’s biggest brands with their PIM transformations, from some of America’s  biggest beer brewers, shoe brands, children’s clothing brand, and more.

 Award-winning PIM Partnerships

inRiver has named Absolunet their North-American partner of the year for the past 4 years and PIM clients across multiple platforms and verticals have been nominated as “PIM Dream Team”, best website redesign, best omnichannel experience and more. 

In-house Resources

250 in-house resources with 6 agile teams dedicated to PIM integrations, who have helped some of America’s iconic brands complete their PIM transformation. Teams are assigned to an account, not a project, in order to bring and build expertise and experience with your unique situation. 

Let’s talk PIM.

To start planning your PIM transformation, from discovery to delivery to ownership, get a quote from our PIM transformation team.

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