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Trust your eCommerce platform to those best equipped to manage it.
Evolution. Maintenance. Support.

“You really are our “right hand” and m0851’s eCommerce success is in part due to your great work”
Corine Lalonde, eCommerce manager m0851

eCommerce Managed Services 1/3

Evolution: Iterative Platform Improvements

Because there is always another development phase, new features to integrate, new ideas to bring to life and new channels to integrate.

Evolution Services
  • Omnichannel integration
  • Phase II  Improvements
  • Social Integration
  • New RMA or returns management platform
  • Site improvements based on data analysis
  • Improving load times
  • Moving from on-premise to cloud hosting
  • Product page improvements
  • Multimedia integration
  • Integration of new channels and channel-enabling technologies
  • Improving cart management
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There’s a reason why so many Absolunet customers have been with us for several years.

eBP / STEP 2 of 3

Maintenance + eCommerce Uptime

Updates, upgrades, security patches, managing peaks, load-balancing, anticipating and protecting your platform from downtime.

What it is

In eCommerce, managed services means having an entire team of experts committed year-round to ensuring the maintenance, surveillance and support of your online business. You’ll also benefit from expert advice on how to maximize return on investment while being kept up-to-date on all eCommerce trends and best practices.

Why it’s important

Managed services makes your business our business, with a team of dedicated specialists ensuring that your platforms and channels are always up to the task. from helping with PCI compliance to test-driving the new magento patch without causing down time, you’ll have the sharpest eCommerce technicians working for you.

How About a Case Study?

Find out how Canada’s fastest-growing bike retailer grew overall revenue 27% while their industry had its worst year in a decade.

eCommerce Managed Services 3/3


A dedicated, obsessively competent and committed team on call 24/7. Fixing the unexpected as it occurs.

eCommerce support includes:
  • Help Desk
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Updates and Maintenance
  • Portal access with Ticket Overview + History
  • Telephone Support (during business hours)
  • Account Management
Uptime and infrastructure stability

Digital growth needs a reliable platform behind it, as every glitch and interruption can not only cost you a sale, it can hurt your brand’s reputation.

While you focus on growing your business through digital, we’ll make sure your platform is always on and able to meet demand.  

Let’s talk.

To find out how we help some of North America’s iconic brands develop reputations as eCommerce leaders, contact us.

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