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The backbone of our business is our ability to develop, implement and integrate world-class eCommerce capability.

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“Absolunet’s expertise with a powerful platform like Magento allowed us to build a digital-first consumer experience that results in higher in-store traffic and conversions.”
Michele Jutras, Marketing Director, Bath Depot.

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Certified eCommerce Expertise

Absolunet has reached the highest levels of certification with several of the major, best-of-breed eCommerce platforms.

Platforms + Partners.

4 platforms mastered, 12 growth-driven partnerships and over 60 different systems integrated.

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Properly implemented, your eCommerce platform will help you bridge the gap between how you sell today and what customers expect in the digital economy.

eCommerce Implementation Services
  • Magento, Insite and Sitecore Implementations
  • IT Architecture
  • Platform Selection and Validation
  • Replatforming (Moving from one eCommerce platform to another)
  • Order Management and Fulfillment Requirements
  • Compatibility Assessment
  • Data Flow and Security
  • B2B Business Rules + Tier-pricing
  • Multi-user profiles and interfaces
  • Implementing Product Information Management (PIM) Solutions
  • Implementation of Sitecore, WordPress and other CMS
How about a case study?

To find out how other merchants and businesses have leveraged our extensive, multi-disciplinary expertise, take a look out their case studies.


User/Customer Experience Design

Use data and analytics to define path-to-purchase, optimized customer touchpoints and omnichannel conversion tactics.

End-to-End UX + Design Adapted to eCommerce
  • Visual Proof of Concept
  • Style Guide
  • Wireframing
  • Recommendations for Product Images
  • Flow Analysis + Recommendations
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • How to Apply Your Brand in eCommerce
  • Competitor Design Benchmarking
  • Persona Analysis
  • Design-based Conversion Drivers
  • UX Site Audit
  • Customer Journey Analysis + Recommendations
  • Optimized Path-to-Purchase
  • Navigation Logic


The Proven B.R.A.N.D. Design Process

Combine your brand’s strengths and identity with market-leading, conversion-driving design.

Why it’s important

The B.R.A.N.D. process is Absolunet’s comprehensive, in-house design framework based on best practices, data analysis and up-to-the-minute design expertise. Clients have used it to develop new B2B markets and to create B2C omnichannel growth.

How brands benefit

Applied to every project, Absolunet’s B.R.A.N.D. process ensures that all interactions remain on-brand, drive conversions and fit into the agile methodology – the development framework used to ensure timely, iterative rollouts for your eCommerce platforms.

How About a Case Study?

eCommerce-focused Design + UX drives conversions. This retailer used it to drive in-store sales and grow revenue 27% during their industry’s worst year in a decade.

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Systems Integration

If the back end works, the front end can grow. The interoperability of your systems is they key to digital growth.

The science of linking your platform to the systems that make your business work.

Integrating systems into eCommerce platforms creates your digital ecosystem as is crucial to your ability to meet the increasing demandes from customers in the digital economy

Trust our certified and experienced teams to make it work.

What we integrate most often with eCommerce platforms

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)
Point-of-Sale (POS), usually with POS partners
Product Information Management Systems (PIM)
Order Management System Software (OMS)
Customer Relation Management Systems (CRM)

Assess Your Options.

To better understand your integration options and their technical implications, contact our pre-sales team.

eCommerce Implementation + Integration > 6 of 6


Upgrading or transitioning to Magento 2, Insite or Sitecore to support your future growth.

Migrating, upgrading or transitioning to a new eCommerce platform requires planning

Just like you wouldn’t blindly trust any programmer with your ERP, nor should you underestimate the importance of properly planning your replatforming – the most important aspect of which is selecting the right partner.

Replatforming is where our agile framework shines the most

The scope of every replatforming project varies with every business and your case is unique. Having an experienced, agile team by your side reduces risk, improves efficiency and ultimately, makes your replatforming a successful, growth-generating business decision.  

Let’s talk.

Find out why so many Absolunet customer implementations become case studies and why our relationships last for years.

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