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The most valuable document any business investing in eCommerce can have.
Strategic. Financial. Operational.

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“The eBP is the best decision-making tool any manager, board or banker can rely on for eCommerce investment.”

JP Boudreau, MBA, Director, Digital Growth

eBP / Step 1 of 3

Strategy: Market + Opportunity Analysis

A proactive digital strategy and well-defined positioning are essential if you want to stand out in your market.

Key Elements of the eCommerce Business Plan
  • Competitive Analysis + Benchmark
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)
  • End-to-End eCommerce Process Analysis
    (Fulfillment, Returns processing, Omnichannel initiatives, Human Resource Planning, etc.)
  • Strategic Analysis: Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Channel conflict + opportunities
  • Profitability plan: margins, top line and bottom line
  • Content Strategy Analysis and recommendations
  • Product Information Management – policies, priorities and ownership
  • Market/Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Product/Service Offering Analysis
  • eCommerce Operationalization Plan
  • Marketing and Operational Investment Plan
  • 24 and 36 month Financial Forecasts
  • Year-to-Year (YoY) Sales forecasts
  • eCommerce Investment Plan
  • Strategic Planning
  • Roadmap
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To get a full understanding of what goes into an eCommerce Business Plan and why clients who use it tend to become case studies, just ask.

eBP / STEP 2 of 3

Financial Forecasts

A 24 and 36 month financial forecast, complete with sales projections, resource allocation and investment calendar.

Why it’s important

Financial forecasts, 24-to-36 month sales projections, competitive and market analysis… Your eCommerce business plan helps you prioritize actions, take better decisions and maximize return on investment. This is as much about margins as it is about sales.

Simply put, a plan that uses realistic estimates and well-defined milestones is easier to fund.

How to use it

A realistic financial forecast will help you better plan resources and map out your return on investment. You will also be able to foresee marketing investments on a per-channel basis, merchandise return rates, conversions as well as human resources and capex needs.

The Roadmap enables the digital business plan to benefit from rigorous follow-ups as well as defining the entire year’s digital developments.

How About a Case Study?

Find out how Canada’s fastest-growing bike retailer used their eBP and leveraged digital to drive in-store sales, growing overall revenue 27% while their industry had it’s worst year in a decade.

eBP / STEP 3 of 3

Operational Roadmap

A detailed governance and management roadmap that ensures that the plan becomes a reality.

Planning the year ahead, in detail

The roadmap defines – in detail – the entire year’s digital development. A clearly layed out roadmap enables the eCommerce Plan to be broken down into manageable, actionable deliverables, each benefitting from rigorous follow-ups and project management.

The eBP Roadmap is the most effective tool to ensure your plan is executed

The roadmap will be evolving constantly as objectives tend to evolve over time and are adjusted according to the results and the data generated along the way. 

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To know when and where to spend your next eCommerce dollar, as well as have a timeline for when it will become profitable, you’ll need an eCommerce Business Plan.

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