A digital investment requires financial planning, sales projections and a strategic roadmap, spread out over 24 to 36 months. Your eCommerce business plan allows you to prioritize actions in order to undertake and maximize return on investment.

Dozens of retailers, manufacturers and distributors are reaping the benefits of digital success after having worked with our experts and consultants, and you can do exactly what they did: work with us.

Our Services | eCommerce Business Plan

  • Competitive Analysis
  • eCommerce Process Analysis (fulfillment, returns processing, omnichannel initiatives, etc.)
  • Strategic Analysis: Digital Marketing Strategy and Content Strategy
  • Product Information Management
  • Positioning Analysis and Product/Service Offering Analysis
  • eCommerce Operationalization Plan
  • Marketing and Operational Investment Plan
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Strategic Planning
  • Roadmap

Your Online Success Depends on Strategy and Positioning

A proactive digital strategy and well-defined positioning are essential if you want to stand out among your competitors.

Planning and Managing Growth: Financial Forecasts for Your Digital Plan

A realistic financial forecast will help you better plan resources and map out your return on investment. You will also be able to foresee marketing investments on a per-channel basis, merchandise return rates, conversions as well as human resources and capex needs. Simply put, a plan that uses realistic estimates and well-defined milestones is easier to fund.

Roadmap: a Smart, Agile and Efficient Tool to Ensure Your Plan is Executed

The Roadmap enables the digital business plan to benefit from rigorous follow-ups as well as defining the entire year’s digital developments. The roadmap will be evolving constantly because objectives tend to evolve over time and are adjusted according to results and the data generated along the way.