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Aligning business needs, technical requirements, market opportunities and operational realities.

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“99% of eCommerce consulting projects begin with the words ‘Would it be possible’ or ‘How can we…’.  “
Romain Tiry, Director of Consulting Services

eCommerce Consulting 1/3

Operational Impacts

How much does free shipping really cost? Are we ready for Amazon and marketplaces? Can we simplify our product information management? Every eCommerce action has an impact on the business.

Balance Top Line + Bottom Line by Leveraging Our Expertise + Experience
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization
  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Promotion + Sales Strategy
  • Product Information Management
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Cross-Border Strategy
  • International Expansion Strategy
  • Shipping Rates Recommendations
  • Drop Shipping Implementation
  • Return Policy Optimization
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Client Loyalty and CRM
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Logistics Flow + Process Analysis
  • Fulfillment Best Practices
  • Marketplace Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Personalization Tactics
  • Marketing Automation
  • UX Audit + Optimization
  • Roles + Responsibilities (HR + Customer Service)
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Get a better idea of how to put into place your eCommerce ideas and/or address the current challenges brought on by eCommerce growth.

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Omnichannel Strategies

eCommerce Growth and channel multiplication has implications many haven’t considered.

Understand the risks inherent to omnichannel

Aligning channels and resolving conflict before it occurs is not only a priority; it’s the key to omnichannel success. Omnichannel success depends on your brand’s ability to deliver a unique, streamlined purchasing experience to your customers, regardless of platform. A purchase that begins on mobile may be completed on desktop or in store. All of these platforms exist singularly in your client’s eye; it’s all you/your brand.

Take data-driven, experience-based decisions

Getting your business online is just the start. We then have to generate traffic, optimize conversion rates, increase the average cart value and address all the challenges that come with increased sales. Whether deploying an omnichannel strategy, optimizing shipping costs, fighting fraud or developing new sales channels, Absolunet will help you make the right decisions at the right time.

How About a Case Study?

Find out how Canada’s fastest-growing bike retailer drives in-store sales with omnichannel, growing overall revenue 27% while their industry had its worst year in a decade.

eCommerce Consulting 3/3

Client Acquisition Tactics

Increase loyalty and lifetime value. Thousands of hours spent managing eCommerce growth and innovation, in both B2B and B2C environments, at your disposal.

Bridge the operational gap

Increasing online sales creates new challenges: optimizing order processing and shipping costs, fulfilling international orders, selling in multiple currencies, implementing loyalty programs, preventing fraud, implementing product information management and more. By leveraging Absolunet’s expertise, you can turn challenges into opportunities.

Bridge the loyalty gap

The most underused KPI in eCommerce is a customer’s lifetime value (CLV). Leveraging your existing client base and established trust is one of the surest means to creating sustainable growth, but you need to get it right and have a plan.

Good news, we can help.  

Let’s talk.

Find out how a leveraging our extensive and multi-market expertise and experience can help you address current and future eCommerce issues by coming up with innovative yet proven solutions.

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