Our Work

La Vie en Rose.

Iconic lingerie and sleepwear retailer wins big in eCommerce market share by getting all the small details right.

Our Work

La Vie en Rose

Iconic lingerie and sleepwear retailer wins big in eCommerce market share by getting all the small details right.

“We brought performance and stability to our sites, started selling across borders and have improved usability for both clients and staff.”
Daniel Phomphakdy + Marie-Noël Gervais, La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

eCommerce Business Plan
eCommerce Site Development
Advisory Services
Managed Services


La Vie en Rose fuels growth with a rock-solid digital ecosystem.

La Vie en Rose left nothing to chance when it came to adapting their technological infrastructure to support digital growth. With a growth plan that has successfully helped the retailer expand over the past 10 years (with more in the works),

La Vie en Rose was getting to the point where their technological infrastructure was about to become an impediment to their growth and the smoothness of operations.

Built to Support Growth

The multilingual, multi-currency and multi-national site is both scalable and “Black-Friday-Peak-Proof”.

The Mission

Put in place a sustainable digital ecosystem that blends eCommerce with operations

La Vie en Rose has an ambitious growth plan and a history of making things happen. They needed an infrastructure that supported their agile approach to market development while providing clients with a shopping that mirrors their proven in-store approach.

The lingerie and sleepwear (and now bathing suits) retailer created an omnichannel environment that provides the in-store feel through every touchpoint and interaction; from giftcards to in-store and online .


4,000 SKUs, many of them seasonal, are now centralized.

Integrated Platforms + Technologies

The Strategy

Cover all the basics of digital commerce and infrastructure, creating a digital ecosystem that allows the company to be agile AND ready for growth.

The eCommerce Tech

  • eCommerce platform: Magento
  • Product Information Management (PIM): inRiver
  • Automated mail marketing: Dotmailer
  • ERP: WebSi


Game-Winning Features

  • Black-Friday proofing the infrastructure (capacity to manage peaks)
  • Integration of Dotmailer automated Email marketing solution
  • Advanced merchandizing options
  • Lookbooks and shop the look/style
  • Centralized product information management
  • Search + Social Ads, marketing and retargeting
  • Autonomy in content creation and promotion
  • Real-time eCommerce analytics dashboard
  • Email marketing strategy and tools
  • Cross-sell strategy
  • Market-beating SEO deployment

About La Vie En Rose

La Vie en Rose is the leading Canadian specialty lingerie retailer catering to women aged 25-45. Known as bra specialists – though the brand also offers a range of lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, and swimwear across three store concepts – La Vie en Rose now counts over 170 boutiques across Canada and 75 others across in countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Morocco.

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