Built for B2B™, Insite helps manufacturers and distributors bridge the eCommerce gap with a scalable core and people-focused interfaces.

“Simply put, Absolunet really, really understands B2B and how to use eCommerce to address the needs of manufacturers and distributors. I can’t overstate how critical this is to our partnership.”
Steve Shaffer, CEO, Insite Software

The Insite + Absolunet Partnership in Numbers


5 Insite projects in progress at all times

Leverage our B2B expertise and experience in integrating Insite with your systems.

Certified: Platinum Partner

The highest level of certification any Insite partner can achieve.


Agile .NET Teams

We take our Insite commitments very seriously and have the manpower to deliver.


Unparalleled B2B Capability

“Customers consistently describe Insite as laser-focused on B2B and especially client-focused…”
(Forrester Wave)

What Businesses Are Doing With Insite
  • Product lists (monthly purchases, for example) can be created and managed directly by clients
  • Express Orders
  • Search by SKU
  • Complete Client List for Each Representative
  • Representative Accounts With Individual Dashboards, quote requests and current proposals
  • Configurator for Complex Products
  • Pricing configuration
  • Billing and Credit Limits for Each Client
  • Assign Products to Clients
  • Advanced and Intuitive CMW features
  • Persona-based Content Customization
  • Shipping address management
  • Price Request Feature and Integrated Workflow
  • Scalable .NET platform, which is also modular and extensible.
  • Easy PIM integration thanks to InRiver Connector
  • Clients can create multiple accounts from their master account
  • Clients can assign tasks and budgets to their buyers
  • Tier-pricing: advanced/elaborate price grids


Integrating Insite With Other Systems

Our deep understanding of complex B2B environments helps us design a platform that works and that your people can work with.

Compatibility + Scalability
Systems Integration

Our reputation has been built on our track record of successfully integrating Insite with various technologies, ERPs, CRMs, Automated Email marketing, Search Systems and more. We pay attention to the business processes that justify eCommerce investment; not the other way around.

Insite B2B Commerce Solutions

With InsiteCommerce companies can 1) Put their catalog online for their customers to identify products and conduct research. 2) provide their customers with a ‘My Order and Account’ solution, where customers can self-serve by accessing their entire order history along with shipment & invoice details and 3) Implement a robust B2B shopping experience, including order workflows, quote requests, promotions and more.

Let’s talk.

To understand how Insite can help you reach your business objectives and integrate with your systems while addressing your complex B2B needs, you’ll need to make the first move.