On March 11th, Absolunet hosted – along with several technology partners – our annual eCommerce seminar, ENGAGE2016. This year’s focus on B2B brought together over 30 Canadian companies and Montreal’s Science Center to take part in the seminars and the colorful exchanges that followed. Here are the day’s keynotes for those who could not assist and for those who asked us for links to the videos.

Keynote #1 : B2B Commerce Trends and Opportunities

Charles Desjardins, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Absolunet

Charles set the tone with the opening keynote, presenting the major trends affects B2B eCommerce, the potential impacts and some of the opportunities that are up for grabs.

Keynote #2 : How to Create a World-Class Customer Experience with Product Information

Johan Boström, InRiver Founder, Chicago.

inRiver’s founder, who flew in from Chicago for the event, highlights the capital importance of eTailers to provide high-quality information about their products; constant through all distribution channels and presented to buyers in an optimized manner.

He argues that with the constant rise in mobile browsing and interactions, personalized, high-quality content is where B2B (and B2C) business must put their focus in order to increase conversion rates, improve SEO and improve the overall experience.

Keynote #3 : Digital Customer Experience: How B2B Companies are Changing the Game

Brian Strojvny, InSite Software, Minneapolis

Brian explores the B2B purchasing experience, which is surprisingly similar to that of B2C clients. B2B challenges, however, are more complex and the solutions in place are often ill-adapted, crowded and usually overly-complicated.

He suggests defining a digital roadmap and personalizing the purchasing experience to align with each buyer’s unique situation and requirements.

Keynote #4 : The Role of Multichannel Marketing in B2B Commerce

Joe Nicholas, dotmailer, New York

Joe breaks down the 5 main factors that influence B2B eCommerce success, the 4 pillars of multichannel strategy and the impact of personalizing the client experience. He drives this home with the business case of a company who did all of the above and reaped the rewards.

Keynote #5 : Using Advanced Search and Merchandising Tactics to Increase Sales in a B2B Context

Mark Turner, ATTRAQT CCO, London, England

Mark wraps up the day by showing the audience a barrage of tools, merchandising tactics and advanced search strategies that eTailers can set up in order to increase sales.

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