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Marketing Checklist

Collaborate to Compete: 6 strategies for brand manufacturers and retailers.  


“All of my competitors and partners are vying for the same media spots. How am I supposed to compete without blowing through my budget?”
Worried Merchant

This checklist shows how to run collaborative marketing (with another company) across 6 channels:

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With some of the highest open rates and conversion rates of the year, email gets even more competitive before BFCM. The perceived value of your offer has to be high to warrant a click. All the more reason to work with partners to sweeten the deal.

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This is often an extremely expensive channel for merchants who are not yet using machine learning or data-driven attribution. During this time of year, the costs skyrocket – even more so if you aren’t working effectively.

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Ok, we’ll say it: this is a channel reserved for the elite. For the lucky few who have been picked up by influencers, media and affiliates, good work! With most holiday lists being written in the summer, this channel might be a longer term play and one that will definitely benefit from a collaborative marketing approach.

social media


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … now is the time of year to transform engagement into conversions. With your chosen partners, leverage the social media channels (yours and theirs) with the best track record and reach. 

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Beware: This channel is the most susceptible to attack during the holidays. For this channel, it is critical that you be proactive should your brand name be cannibalized by competitors and/or Paid Search efforts.

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As the meeting place of many merchants who are competing for the eyeballs of lots of consumers, there is a clear opportunity to multiply your reach on marketplaces like Amazon. Make use of other merchants’ (including your competitors’) traffic.

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  • How to stand out amongst thousands of companies vying for consumer attention. 
  • The foundations for working hand-in-hand with another company toward a shared goal. 
  • How Rihanna, JCPenney and Sephora took social media by storm
  • Dior’s airport-focused drive-to-store play
  • And the winning mentality for success, as displayed by bike brand Louis Garneau.


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