Website Revamp

The cycling market has been disrupted by online juggernauts who provide crazy selection, extremely low prices and free international shipping – killing 39.5% of U.S. Bike shops in 15 years. Not Primeau Velo, though, who is gaining market share with their omnichannel strategy; they are growing fast in an unstable market.

Using Magento as the anchor of its omnichannel approach, Primeau Velo reinvented their business to connect with their customers on every touchpoint, synchronizing every channel into a coherent, seamless shopping experience that drives people into stores and online; meeting passionate cyclists wherever they already connect and play (and shop).




  • Grow the number of products sold online from a few thousand to 15,000
  • Enable the online sale of bicycles with in-store pick-up
  • Drive in-store traffic and sales
  • Promote Primeau Vélo’s new brand image
  • Leverage the transactional website to develop the English-speaking market in Canada



  • Implement the inRiver product information management (PIM) solution to better manage the numerous SKUs available on the platform and their high turnover, typical of the bicycle industry
  • Streamline the navigation process within the catalogue by providing a clear tree, an enriched menu, a powerful search engine as well as an advanced filtering system
  • Provide an innovative design that embodies Primeau Velo’s new brand image and high-end positioning

Custom-made features


"As en entrepreneur, few things are as satisfying as realizing that you have made the right decisions and chosen the right partners."

Eric Primeau, President, Primeau Velo