Website revamp

Gaz Métro sought the services of a web development provider to redesign its website. Gaz Métro and its partners had already worked on their strategic planning, user experience and design. Absolunet was therefore responsible for mockup integration, programming the site and putting it online. Absolunet also took care of writing and translating more than 300 pages of the site's content.



Provide a complete and consolidated offer

  • Increase the number of leads online
  • Increase internal productivity
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce business risks
  • Work within tight deadlines


Provide the right content to the right person and optimize it based on their device

  • Given the significant amount of content to produce and translate, we made sure to use the proper web development tools – such as GatherContent – in order to centralize content production and manage approval workflows.
  • Effective communication tools were implemented in order to centralize and document communications between stakeholders, including Gaz Métro’s branding agency and the client.
  • The use of a responsive design framework ensured an optimal mobile experience
  • The use of content-cloning features ensured optimal management of repeated content
  • Management tools like Jira, Confluence, Trello, Basecamp and Zendesk enabled us to deliver the website quickly

Custom-made features