Creation of the online ordering website

Aside from implementing the Magento eCommerce platform, the main challenges of the project were to respect the different menus of each restaurant under the Benny&Co. banner, send the order to the closest restaurant and to send the transactions to each of their checkout systems for the orders to be filled out.



Provide simple online ordering tools that align with the business context

  • Connect the ordering system with the Veloce POS of all restaurants
  • Adapt Magento depending on the chosen restaurant and the ordering option: delivery or pick-up order
  • Every branch has its own specific menu
  • Offer a mobile-friendly purchasing experience
  • Serve customers no matter where they may be


A simple and tailored shopping experience

  • Establish a simple and effective ordering system
  • Opt for the Magento eCommerce solution
  • Provide a multi-store solution for order management
  • Design a mobile-friendly experience to facilitate ordering
  • Implement eCommerce performance measurement tools

Custom-made features


"We enjoyed the attention and support offered by the Absolunet team during the project. Congratulations on this fine achievement!"

Lucie Benny, Director of Marketing