A results-oriented culture

Everything that is undertaken at Absolunet has but one objective: helping clients achieve their goals.

Expertise and creativity

The expertise and creativity of all our team members allow us to propose and deploy winning solutions that benefit our clients.


Holder of the "Work-Life Balance" certification, Absolunet is a stable, experienced and qualified team. We also have a loyal client base that plays an essential role in our development and progression.

Rigorous management

Absolunet’s project management methods and tools have a long track record of effectiveness. Information systems are in place to ensure thorough follow-ups and to allow clients to have a real-time view of the status and progress.

Communication and transparency

Our experienced managers rely on strong relationships, supported by transparency and open communication. We’re not trying to be crowd pleasers, we’d rather work on delivering the results you are counting on.

Integrated Services

Today, multiplatform communication is the new standard, with both your customers and your stakeholders. Absolunet has a strong team capable of bringing together strategy, design, customer experience, online marketing and optimization.


With 100 employees spread over 12 teams, Absolunet has a unique roster of experts that are highly skilled in all aspects of e-business.

Technology Mix

Absolunet is not defined by its technologies, but by the use it makes of them. We develop solutions – tools – that allow you to achieve your goals.

eCommerce Expertise

Absolunet has developed an unparalleled eCommerce expertise. The company has a track record of more than 200 e-commerce initiatives implemented with top-notch skills in merchandising, logistics, product management, omnichannel commerce, performance optimization and digital marketing.