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Absolunet helps you bridge the gap between how you sell and what customers expect in the digital economy.

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Absolunet helps you bridge the gap between how you sell and what yours customers expect in the digital economy.

Map of North America with pinpoints showing all of the places where Absolunet clients are headquartered.

“A North American
eCommerce Agency

Absolunet is an eCommerce agency and integrator with over 240+ people obsessed with delivering results, creating ROI-producing (and award-winning) eCommerce experiences since 1999.

Known for our annual Top 10 eCommerce Trends report, we are a certified Magento Enterprise Solution Partner and are Magento’s fastest-growing North-American partner, as well as being an inRiver and InSite “Platinum” partner and Sitecore “Gold” partner.

Where we operate

View of Montreal skyline with the Lachine Canal in front and buildings behind it.


Image of Kansas City skyline at night with Union Station in the foreground.

Kansas City

Picture of the Toronto Skyline with the CN Tower on the left and water at the front.


What we do

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B2B eCommerce for manufacturers and distributors

B2B isn’t retail – not even close, which is why our approach to bridging the digital gap has been fine-tuned to encompass the complex interactions that make B2B profitable and efficient. Sales reps, customer portals, inventory, custom/tier-pricing, credit terms, partial orders, etc. We get it. And we can help you bridge the digital gap.

Retail eCommerce and OmniChannel expertise

The way consumers shop has evolved and so too have their expectations. Retailers have to be available across every consumer touchpoint (site, store, mobile, social, etc.) and the experience must be coherent/on-brand. Technologically-speaking, all this has to work with your internal systems. We can help you bridge the omnichannel gap.

How we work

eCommerce x Agility

Strategic planning, design thinking, iterative development, incremential gains through relentless measurement and optimization. Repeat.

What we believe

(A manifesto, of sorts.)


Clients, partners and media trust us. Let’s honor that trust with our every decision and action.


Always use the best we can afford. “Buy cheap, buy twice”, they say, and we simply can’t afford the burden of cheap.


Done is better than perfect.

Useable innovation.

Our clients are looking for new ways to apply their existing knowledge to new situations. Before reinventing the wheel, let’s consider the vehicle, the driver, the passengers, the road and the destination.


Bring your conscience to work every day. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it.
If you don’t believe in it, don’t trade your dignity for a paycheck.

Flex + adapt.

Plans change. People change. Ideas blossom. Contexts evolve. Industries get disrupted. So observe. Adapt. Evolve. Prosper. Our clients’ growth depends on us being great at this.


Has to be present in everything we do and influence every decision we make.


We ARE the client, there is no “us and them”. Their business is our business. Their problem is our problem. Their success is our success. We’re all in it together.

Ideas / Genius.

There are no dumb ideas. Some, however, shouldn’t be insisted upon.


In case of doubt, take the road that scares you. This fear keeps us honest, brave, humble, sincere and committed – and it allows us to grow. Batman was afraid of bats, you know.


The second we can’t be honest with each other is the second we lose our edge. Trust begins here.

Leadership Team
Photo of Martin Thibault. Man wearing blue blazer and glasses.
Martin Thibault

Partner, Co-Founder + President

Photo of Daniel Labrie. Man with short brown hair wearing checkered shirt and glasses.
Daniel Labrie

Partner, Co-Founder + Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Charles Desjardins. Man wearing bright blue blazer over a black t-shirt. With grey hair and glasses.
Charles Desjardins

Partner + Executive Vice President

Photo of Jason Hughes. Man wearing a brown blazer over a maroon button up shirt.
Jason Hughes

Vice President, US Operations

Photo of Marc-André Huras. Smiling man wearing red collared shirt.
Marc-André Huras

Director of Sales, North America, Retail + B2C

Photo of Marc-André Huras. Smiling man wearing red collared shirt.
Peter Dalfen

Director of Sales

Photo of Jean-Philippe Boudreau. He is seated and wearing a black striped blazer.
Jean-Philippe Boudreau

Senior Director, Digital Growth

Photo of Jean-François Gélinas. He is seated and wearing a blue button up shirt. He is smiling.
Jean-François Gélinas

Director, Operations

Photo of Romain Tiry. He is seated and wearing a black button up shirt.
Romain Tiry

Director, Advisory Services

Photo of Michel Thivierge. He is facing the camera and wearing a grey suit.
Michel Thivierge

Director, Talent & Culture

Photo of Janel touchette. She is seated and smiling. She has on a black sweater and a thin gold necklace.
Janel Touchette

Assistant Director of Operations

Photo of Jérémie Rioux. He has a beard and is wearing a grey hoodie.
Jérémie Rioux

Technical Director

Photo of Stéphane Richard. He is turned sideways with his shoulder facing the camera. He is wearing a light blue button up.
Stéphane Richard

Assistant Director of Operations

Photo of Vincent Guértin. He is seated and wearing a light brown blazer.
Vincent Guertin

Assistant Director of Operations

Photo of Maxime Girard. He is a young man with light blonde hair. He is wearing a white collared shirt.
Maxime Girard

Assistant Director of Operations

Photo of Martin Guindon. He is wearing a black blazer over a maroon t-shirt with a moose on it. He has earrings.
Martin Guindon

Assistant Director, Metrics & Controls

Image of Bernard Dahl. He is wearing a light grey blazer over a black t-shirt. He has grey hair and a stubbly beard.
Bernard Dahl

Creative Director

Photo of Josée Chevalier. She is wearing a denim jacket over a striped white and blue shirt. She has brown hair that comes down past her shoulders.
Josée Chevalier

Artistic Director

Photo of Josianne Laquerre. She has bright blonde hair and is wearing a pink blazer and floral shirt.
Josianne Laquerre

Account Director

Photo of Antoine Cinq-Mars. He is leaning to the right and wearing a bright blue blazer and white button up.
Antoine Cinq-Mars

Assistant Director of Operations

Photo of Tricia Peterson. She has blonde hair and is wearing a striped shawl.
Tricia Peterson

Account Director

Photo of Sarah Guérette. She has short brown hair that falls at her chin. She is wearing glasses.
Sarah Guérette

Account Director

Photo of Julie Tessier. She has short blonde hair that comes to her ears. She is wearing a black blazer and red shirt.
Julie Tessier

Account Director

Photo of Vince Leroux. He is wearing a patterned dark blue collared shirt.
Vince Leroux

Account Director

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