UX Specialist


Your day to day…

  • Help build the consumer insight gathering and optimization operations
  • Collaborate with Product Owners in writing user stories for each sprint
  • Support the execution of the user stories by UI designers and developers
  • Collaborate with strategy/marketing teams to optimize campaigns and to work on ensuring business growth for clients
  • Interface with clients to gather insights and for presentation of deliverables.
  • Collaborate with UI designers in delivering sitemaps, interfaces, functional specifications, and, on occasion, wireframes
  • Communicate complex concepts into flowcharts and diagrams.
  • Understanding consumer pain points then forming design solutions

Must haves…

  • A minimum of 2 years experience conducting research, analysis and optimizations (specifically user research, usability testing, interviews, surveys and A/B testing)
  • Some knowledge of eCommerce
  • Designing for desktop and mobile (specially responsive design)
  • Analyzed consumer behaviour with Google Analytics
  • A team-first attitude (be open to feedback and collaborations with other UX, marketing, design and tech professionals)

You will earn extra points if you have experience with the following…

  • Agency environment
  • Agile work flow
  • Marketing (social media, Adwords and email)
  • SEO
  • Have you ever worked with…
    Customer loyaly programs?
    Customer relationship management tools? (CRM)

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