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Front End Developer

Like a general contractor, the front-end developer is the only person who can take the designer’s drawings and the architect’s plans and turn it into something functional and coherent for the user.

It’s the kind of skill that doesn’t go unnoticed around here.


Your day-to-day…

  • Applying your unique expertise and bringing a new intellectual variable to the team
  • Implementing effective solutions for major clients
  • Ensuring smooth navigation between eCommerce platforms, multiple plugins and interconnected systems, applying new merchandising technologies – redesigning eCommerce, basically
  • Imagining and developing new solutions for existing problems: your work will have a real impact on a client’s business
  • Moving from morning SCRUM to grooming, sprint by sprint. Let’s take agile methodology to another level (we can explain this part later, if you’re new to agile)

You are…

  • Creative and logical, a rare combination, appreciated at Absolunet
  • A collaborator brimming with ideas and initiative
  • An excellent integrator, who knows how to combine the aesthetic and the functional
  • Passionate about new ways of doing things, new technologies and new ideas
  • Able to handle a manual espresso machine (worst-case scenario: the Scrum Master will show you how to work it)

You are seeking…

  • To work with a team that will bring you to
surpass yourself
  • To work on stimulating projects with
well-known brands
  • An environment in which family values and work-life balance are rooted in the company’s DNA
  • To learn something new every week and with every project you are involved in
  • To upgrade your skill set through training sessions – which you can then share with the team by holding a Lunch & Learn
  • A community of people just like you, who know how to celebrate wins and embrace life

Questions? Concerns?

Maybe you’d like to confirm something or just apply for an unadvertised position?

Have a chat with us – nothing official, just people talking shop.


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