Kansas City

eCommerce Account Director

As the Account Director in our Kansas City office, you will walk alongside clients as they undertake their digital, eCommerce transformation. You will work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure ongoing client satisfaction.


Your day-to-day (client-facing responsibilities)…

  • Supervise and lead client accounts
  • Strategically counsel clients
  • Maintain a relationship founded on transparency, honesty, rigor and mutual confidence while ensuring that the services are delivered
  • Know your clients : brand, history, challenges and business objectives
  • Understand the client’s budget cycle and determine priorities + budget for the upcoming financial year
  • Follow the projects, campaigns, and resulting revenues. Proactively communicate with the client to obtain the chosen objectives.

Your day-to-day (internally)

  • Collaborate on RFPs (requests for proposal)
  • Prepare the contracts and organize the paperwork once RFPs are approved
  • Confirm availabilities with the Directors of different teams and define the high level schedules and goals for the clients
  • Efficiently communicate the requirements of the different mandates to the teams
  • Ensure that all internal stakeholders are working efficiently to move the client’s digital business plan forward

  • Hold regular touchpoints with different teams to minimize the gap between the sales promise and what is being delivered
  • In the case of ongoing managed services, coordinate monthly check-ins with the client and the advisory/consulting/marketing teams.

You are seeking…

  • The opportunity to share your commerce knowledge with clients and the Absolunet team
  • Access to all the tools, technologies and expertise you can ask for in one eCommerce agency
  • An interesting and unique work environment. Absolunet’s Kansas City office is a small, specialized office within the context of a world class agency with 200+ employees
  • An environment in which family values and work-life balance are rooted in the company’s DNA (seriously, we’ve won awards)
  • To work with a team that will support your goals and continued growth
  • To work on stimulating projects with 
well-known brands across North America
  • To learn something new every week with every new project
  • To work with an agency that puts its clients and its employees at the heart of each decision

Questions? Concerns?

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