Product content syndication creates strategic and technical advantages in eCommerce, something that more and more brands in both retail and B2B have realized.

Product content is an eCommerce “must-have”. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or brand manufacturer, your product simply doesn’t exist online if there is no content to support it. Your platform/site/app will fail if the consumer can’t find in-depth details about the product they are considering.

Product content can include:

  • Visuals : Product images and videos (extra points: 360 degree views)
  • Short and long form descriptions
  • Technical specifications:
    • Dimensions (inches and centimeters)
    • Weight (pounds, kilos and shipping weight)
  • Options: colors, materials

Now that we’re clear about the critical importance of product content, here are the three rules of product content:

Rule #1: Own it.

If product content wins the digital consumer, it should not be left to outsiders: you need to own and develop your product content and product information. Owning it means setting standards for quality and completion.

Success Factors: product content creation and management requires people and resources. From photoshoots to copywriting to validation and management, organizations need to plan and allocate for what Johan Bostrom, inRiver Co-founder, calls a “content creation factory”, which is often linked to marketing and/or product management.

Rule #2: Centralize it.

Product information should be centralized into an accessible platform, where all product managers, owners and contributors can access, create and enrich product information. Good PIM systems will include workflow management, approval, sharing and syndication functionality, helping you get products to market faster and improve organizational efficiency. No more unsynchronized, “Is this the most recent version?” spreadsheet hunting.

Rule #3: Syndicate it.

Centralized and up-to-date product content can then be directly accessed and used by your channels, be they retailers, distributors/wholesalers, marketing departments, 3PL partners, marketplaces, etc.. You need to take into account the various formats needed by your different channel partners. This, when automated, is product content syndication.

In short, more product information = improved digital KPIs (conversions, page views, SEO, etc.) and ultimately, more sales.

Q. “What technology/platform can leverage and syndicate product content?”
A. A Product Information Management (PIM) Platform.

A PIM solution helps you master the 3 rules of product content and improves your workflows while providing better content governance and visibility. Find a system that is compatible with your IT infrastructure (ERP, Commerce platform, CRM, etc.), channel partners and business objectives. These days, many of our clients are choosing the inRiver PIM solution for their product content management and syndication.

> Deep dive: more about product content, syndication and PIM

To discuss a potential PIM integration and how it can improve your eCommerce KPIs, contact us.

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